IP Admin Login and Router Settings Guide

1528 Login Admin Panel, User, Password and IP IP Login: The world today is a puppet in the hands of technology. All its threads are tied to the main knot of internet. The one that balances work, knowledge, entertainment and success as well. The internet is that one hamper that has all the items of use for mankind contained in itself.

Ranging from communication to developing new and better defense mechanisms each passing day, all depends on internet. It is the spine of digitization that is taking place in this era. Without internet, our country would have no stake in terms of global rankings or recognition. Login Admin Panel, User, Password and IP

Internet has become a necessity for every single person today. Setting up of an internet connection involves many complications along with a lot of devices to set up a network. The devices include routers, modems, IP Addresses of devices, computer systems and many more. Before getting into details about the topic of this article let us first clear out our basics in context to what are routers and what is an IP Address?

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What is a Router and How Does it Work?

A router is a directing device used in setting up of a network. It is the most important device must for a network, without this a network can never be set up functionally. It shows the path to the packets of data from their source of origin till they reach the final destination node.

It is the main reason behind successful transfer of data from one system to another within a network.

What is a IP Address?

An IP Address on the other hand is a unique or distinct label assigned to each of the routers being used in a network. It is a 32 bit number divided into octets. It is very important for logging in to the router admin panel along with other router’s admin panels as well.

One such IP Address used today is router IP. It is commonly used as a default IP address for private networks. It cannot be geographically tracked as it cannot be connected with from outside an internal private network.

By using this IP address one can easily modify or change the administration settings of an admin panel. This gives a user a complete control over the private network. It provides an easy way to assign different IP addresses to devices such as printers, smart phones,

FAX machines, computers, laptops, etc. on our network as all these devices obtain successive IP addresses. It is quite convenient to use IP address while setting up a new network.

How to Login IP Address?

Being all in touch with what router IP is, now comes next how to login to this router IP. The following simple steps must be followed to log in to the router IP:

Step 1 – First of all enter the IP address on any system of your network using any browser.

Step 2 – Here the router’s administration page will be opened, on which you will have to enter the user-id and password of your router. Telstra Gateway Admin Login

Step 3 – You can use the default user id and password for logging in. In case you have changed the default id and password use the changed id and password.

Step 4 – Lastly you will be directed to the settings page of your router from where you can change all the configurations of the devices connected with your network.

Router Admin Page

How to Find Your Router IP Address on Windows – 4 Steps

After learning how to log in to router IP, one must initially be aware of the procedure to find out the IP Address of his/her device which is as follows:

Step 1 – At first, click on the start button and type in CMD or Command Prompt in the search box.

Step 2 – Then, Select Command Prompt, a new window in black background opens up.

Step 3 – Now type ‘ipconfig‘ and hit the enter button after that.

Find IP Address on Windows -

Step 4 – By now you will be able to see the IP Address of your router mentioned next to the default gateway.

How to Change Your Router’s IP Address?

Sometimes there may arise a situation that more than one device connected in the same network might be using the same IP Address. And for proper functioning of a network each device must have a distinct IP Address, thus one or the user out of those will have to change the IP Address of his/her device. The process of changing the IP Address of a device is stated in the form of the following basic steps:

Step 1 – Initially, open the web browser and enter your IP Address into the address or the URL bar.

Step 2 – Next Enter your Username and Password (default username is ‘admin‘ and password is blank). Click on ‘Log In‘.

Step 3 – Afterwards click on SetupNetwork Settings.

Step 4 – Then click on Router Settings, type in router’s new IP Address and sub-net mask.

Step 5 – Click on save Settings.

Step 6 – Till this step you will have successfully changed your router’s IP Address.

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Last Words

Hence, coming in contact with the above context, we are all clear regarding what is a router or an IP Address. Specifically what does is, how is it useful, how to log in to this, etc.

Also how is one able to find the IP Address of his/her and also how can he change it, is also mentioned in the above context. Therefore, it becomes pretty clear how to setup a network, its major components, their uses and much more.