How to Make a Snowman in Minecraft

How to Make a Snowman in Minecraft

It’s not possible to build a still snowman in Minecraft, but you can give your creation some life. When you stack two snow blocks on top of a pumpkin, you get a snow golem. Assuming you contain the snow golem with a fence, it can do double duty as a yard ornament.

Keep this snowman away from wolves, skeletons, and other hostile entities since he will attack friendly and neutral mobs. This manual will explain what you’ll need for snowman construction, the steps involved, and the many possible applications.

How to Make a Snowman in Minecraft

What is Snowman

The Snow Golem is a Utility Mob that attacks Enemy Mobs by hurling snowballs at them. They function similarly to Iron Golems in that they can be crafted by the player, however Snow Golems are fashioned without arms.


If an Enderman takes a carved pumpkin to a town in a snow biome and lays it on top of the pile of snow blocks found next to a village house, a Snow Golem may spawn spontaneously, albeit with a very low chance.

As an alternative method of creation, players can stack two Snow Blocks with a Pumpkin or Jack o’ Lantern on top of them to create one (the Pumpkin or Jack o Lantern must be placed last). Since they are simply monsters, you can’t make anything out of them.


Snow Golems shoot snowballs at any surrounding hostile mobs, but only Blaze mobs take damage from them. In order to eliminate Enemy Mobs, it is prudent to first divert their attention.

Because Blazes suffer damage from Snowballs, they are vulnerable to death at the hands of the Snow Golem. As a helpful hint, Snow Golems are powerless against Ghasts.

Required Materials to Make a Snowman

  • 2 Snow Blocks
  • Pumpkin (Any)

Two snow cubes and a gourd will do the trick for building your snowman. You can prevent the creation of a snow golem by substituting white concrete or wool for one of the snow blocks.

Use a carved pumpkin for aesthetic sake, but any pumpkin will do for making a snow golem that comes to life. Now let’s move to the guide on how to make a snowman in Minecraft.¬†

Steps on How to Make a Snowman in Minecraft 

Follow these steps to make a snowman in Minecraft. These steps will let you know make a snowman in Minecraft.

1. Build the Body

Snow golems may be crafted in Minecraft with two snow blocks and one jack-o’-lantern. Spread out a single snow block to begin. To finish the body, add a second snow block on top of the first.

2. Add the Head

The final step in creating a snow golem is to attach a jack-o’-lantern or a carved pumpkin as its head. Once the snow golem is created, it will start to move around. It will sweep through your environment, leaving a path of snow in its wake.

How To Make A Snowman Without Pumpkin In Minecraft

You can use anything else in place of a pumpkin if you don’t have any or don’t want to use it to construct a snowman. For the snowman’s head, for instance, rather than using a pumpkin, many players substitute a wool block.

The wool can be shorn into a smile for your snowman. Sheep can be sheared for their wool. Sheep are tamable and can be bred for their wool by Minecraft players. That snowman The appearance of a Minecraft character changes slightly depending on the resource used.

How to Use a Snowman in Minecraft

The only value of snowmen is their aesthetic value. Even though their snowballs don’t do any damage, snow golems will attack any surrounding hostile or neutral mobs, making them handy for drawing aggro.

It is possible to utilize snow golems as weapons against the blazing adversary, although they are weak (only dealing 1.5 full hearts of damage) and easily destroyed by blaze’s fireballs. Put them to use as an accessory or a functional tool.

On the other hand, snow golems can be used as a never-ending supply of snow. You can collect snowballs from the ground wherever the snow golem treads. If you keep it in a limited area, you may make as many snowballs as you like just by breaking the snow that accumulates underneath it.


These days, I can’t stop thinking about snowman DIYs because I’m working on some new stuff for them. But I didn’t set out to write a Minecraft-related blog article. If kids are looking for the solution, I believed it would be an easy read for them.

Given that several of those gaming technology sites can be confusing (for the non gamer like myself). Hope this guide helped you to solve your query how to make a snowman in Minecraft.


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