How to Make Coal in Minecraft

How to Make Coal in Minecraft

Are you looking to prepare some meat? Try a little ore smelting? Create a stone pillar? To put things into combustion, you normally require fuel. Coal is the most prevalent type of this, but what if you don’t like coal?

Suppose you have never worked in mining before. Although I highly doubt it, let’s assume for the sake of argument that you aren’t a “finite” type of guy. You are partial to a little renewable action, if you will.

Then let me tell you, Charcoal, that I have just the thing for you! Here you will get to know how to make coal in Minecraft.

How to Make Coal in Minecraft

How to Mine Coal in Survival Mode

Coal can be added to a player’s stockpile by mining coal ore in Minecraft. Okay, so let’s get going!

Step 1. Find Coal Ore

So, the first thing we need to do is look for places where we can mine coal. Coal ore is abundant and can be mined with relative ease in Minecraft. Coal ore is often discovered between 4 and 15 blocks underground.

Step 2. Hold a Pickaxe

Coal ore is dug up with a pickaxe in open pit mines. From your available hotbar pickaxes, choose any one of the following: The coal ore cannot be mined with any of the other tools. To extract the coal ore from the ground, we will utilize a diamond pickaxe in this scenario.

Step 3. Mine the Coal Ore

Controls for extracting coal ore in Minecraft can vary per release:  Left-click and hold the coal ore to mine it in the Java Edition (Mac/PC). The coal ore in Pocket Edition (PE) is tapped and held for gameplay.

To use the RT function on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, press and hold the RT button. PS3 and PS4 users, hold the R2 button on the controller to enter the pause menu. For the Wii U, you’ll want to keep the ZR button pressed down.

To use the ZR button in Nintendo Switch, press and hold it. Coal ore requires a left-click and hold action in Windows 10 Edition. For the school edition, select the coal ore by holding down the left mouse button. Keep at it until the block gives way and a coal emerges. Rather than sinking, the coal will remain on the surface.

Step 4. Pick up the Coal

It would be wise to grab the coal before it vanishes.

How to Make Coal in Minecraft

Follow these steps to find out how to make coal in Minecraft:

Step 1. Open the Crafting Menu

To begin, unfold your crafting grid (3×3).

Step 2. Add Items to Make Coal

The crafting menu will reveal a 3×3 crafting grid for your perusal. Coal may be crafted using a 3×3 crafting grid and a single block of coal. It’s crucial to arrange the coal in the block according to the diagram below while manufacturing coal.

In the first box of the first row, you should place one coal block. Coal can be made with these ingredients using the Minecraft crafting process.

Step 3. Move the Coal to Inventory

Coal, after crafted, should be added to one’s inventory.

How to Smelt Coal in Survival Mode

Using a furnace or blast furnace, you can create coal in Survival Mode.

Step 1: Add Fuel to the Furnace

The next step is to place fuel in the furnace’s lower fuel box. In this guide, oak boards will serve as fuel.

Step 2. Add Items to make Coal

Then, the coal ore should be placed in the furnace’s upper box. The coal ore is being smelted in front of your very eyes. Coal will emerge in the right-hand box after the ore is smelted in the furnace.

Step 3. Move the Coal to Inventory

If you’ve just finished producing coal in your furnace, it’s time to add it to your stockpile.

Where to Find Coal in Minecraft

To make charcoal, simply smelt one timber log in a furnace. All done! To which the speaker responds, “But wait!” Your cry of “What shall I use to smelt the log?” echoes across the air. Actually, I’m not that concerned.

A log, a coal hilt, a stick, or even another log might suffice as a sword. What happens afterwards is irrelevant. Yes, if you could just smell it. Charcoal can be used in place of Coal, as it has the same 80-second smelting time.

Since this is the case, the process of turning logs into charcoal is more efficient than any other method of burning wood. Although they serve similar purposes, Charcoal and Coal cannot be stacked with one another. Charcoal is the lazy man’s substitute for coal.

The inability to turn Charcoal into a block form is a drawback compared to using Coal. Coal can be transformed into a Block of Coal, which not only lasts in a furnace for 800 seconds but also occupies more of the available storage space.

When compared to using a single Coal, this method is 10 times more efficient, making the use of blocks the preferable option. Coal’s only practical benefit is this one.


Thus, you now have all the information you require to arrange your fuel arrangements. Vanilla Tree farms can be a good source of renewable energy in Minecraft, especially if you never want to mine again and value environmental sustainability above all else.

For massive Stone production or simultaneous ore smelting, charcoal isn’t my go-to fuel source, but hey, whatever works for you. I’ll leave it at that; have a wonderful day, everyone! Hope this guide helped you to find how to make coal in Minecraft.


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