How To Fix ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config’ Error

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This is a problem that practically everyone has encountered, especially if they routinely use Google Chrome as their browser of choice. If that’s the case, finding a Domain Name System might have been a problem for him or her (DNS).

The DNS errors are basically faults in the browser that prevent an individual from accessing a specific type of web address that they want to surf. In most cases, this error occurs while attempting to access an unavailable web domain, such as

However, there are ways to get rid of this particular type of issue. This problem can affect other browsers as well, although the message will be somewhat different.

How To

Understanding the DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error:

The “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error is a common issue encountered by internet users when attempting to access a website. It typically occurs in web browsers like Google Chrome and indicates a problem with the Domain Name System (DNS) configuration.

DNS is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses, allowing your browser to locate and connect to websites on the internet. When the DNS configuration is faulty or incorrect, the browser fails to establish a connection, resulting in the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error.

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Possible Causes of the Error:

Several factors could contribute to the occurrence of the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error:

  1. Incorrect DNS Settings: Misconfigured DNS settings on your device or router can lead to DNS resolution errors, causing the browser to display the error message.
  2. Network Connectivity Issues: Problems with your internet connection, such as a weak Wi-Fi signal or network congestion, can disrupt DNS resolution and trigger the error.
  3. DNS Cache Corruption: Corrupted DNS cache files on your device can interfere with the DNS resolution process, resulting in the error.
  4. Firewall or Antivirus Settings: Overly aggressive firewall or antivirus settings may block DNS requests or interfere with network communication, leading to the error.
  5. Router Configuration Problems: Issues with router settings or firmware can affect DNS resolution and cause the error to occur.

Troubleshooting DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error

The most typical causes of this type of error are related to the fundamental problems that a network faces. They can be small, or they can be dangerous enough to cause the entire system to malfunction.

As soon as a new type of fault is seen by a user, new approaches are constantly being tested to eliminate such issues quickly. These are some of the best ways to get the job done:

Method 1: Making Use of an Alternative Browser

Occasionally, a specific type of web browser may be experiencing problems of its own, making it difficult to view numerous websites. It’s a good idea to start by checking for common browser errors like Err Network Changed, which are easy to identify and occur rather frequently.

This is not a problem that only affects a single user; it has been experienced by nearly all types of users. If a person is having trouble accessing a web address from a certain browser, they can try using a different browser to see if it helps.

By deleting their outdated browser, one can quickly get their hands on the most recent version of the software and begin the process of upgrading to a newer version of the software.

Method 2: Configure DNS by Hand

Step 1: The first step is to locate and open the Network and Sharing Center option in the Control Panel, which can be found simply.

Step 2: Next, select Change Adapter Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: After that click on LAN and consequently select the Properties option.

Step 4: After doing so, one should then click on the option which states Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then proceeds on to click on the Properties tab.

Step 5: Use the following DNS server address is the final step in the process of configuring your DNS.

Step 6: should be entered into the Preferred Address bar in Step 6.

Step 7: Next, in the Address Bar, enter

Step 8: Next, select OK after clicking Validate Settings Upon Exit.

Step 9: Restarting the machine is the final step. In addition, the Windows system should be verified for any errors or issues related to Unidentified Networks and Internet Access.

The DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config error warning will not occur again after you have correctly configured the DNS manually. In the event that a user still encounters an error on their screen, the following ways can serve as viable alternatives.

Method 3: Reset IP Configuration

The DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config issue may be caused by a problem with the IP setup of the system. By following the methods outlined in the following paragraphs, you may easily resolve this problem.

Step 1: To begin, click the Start button on your desktop and then pick and open the Run Dialogue Box.

Step 2: Type “cmd” and hit Enter in the Run Dialogue Box to continue.

Step 3: Next, on the Command Prompt, enter the following commands:

Step 4: Reset the Internet Protocol (IP) Address
run the netsh winsock reset, flushdns, and renew commands.

Step 5: Lastly, restart your computer to see if you were successful in fixing the problem you were having.

The DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config error can be fixed by following the approach described above, but if that doesn’t work, here are a few other options to consider.

Method 4: Delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies

On order to fix this problem, you’ll need to clear up any cookies, cache, and temporary files that have built up in your system, which may be done by following the procedures outlined in this article-

Step 1: Check for cookies and cache items by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously.

Step 2: Select the option that says Clear Data.

After completing these two procedures, you will no longer have any cookies, cache, or temporary files on your computer. The browser can then be closed and reopened to see if the problem has been fixed. In the event that the issue persists, the following techniques can be used to try to solve it.

Method 5: It’s time to update your network’s software.

In many cases, users fail to maintain a regular software update schedule, which is a leading cause of software-related errors. In order to improve the overall effectiveness of their software, every time a user performs an update, they are fixing and removing various issues.

As a result, following the provided instructions will allow you to resolve DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config errors.

Step 1: The first step is to press both the Windows and X keys at the same time.

Step 2: Select “Device Manager” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3; Lastly, make sure that the drivers are up-to-date if they need to be. The divers can be updated as soon as they are located.

Step 4: Finally, restart the computer to complete the operation.

To quickly fix this error, simply look for and update any outdated drivers in the system that are causing it to occur in the first place. However, if the case calls for it, one of the other approaches outlined below can be used to fix the problem.

Method 6: Remove any firewalls or antivirus software that may be running

The presence of several of the Windows system’s security mechanisms, including the Firewall and Antivirus software, may be the cause of this type of error in some cases. To the system, they are a threat because they promptly ban any questionable websites.

Fortunately, disabling the firewall and antivirus software will take care of this problem right away. It is, however, a risk to one’s system because without a firewall and an antivirus, their system will eventually grow more vulnerable to a severe attack.

Even more caution should be exercised when the firewall and the antivirus are both off. Even if this solution fixes the error, users should still use an antivirus or another type of firewall to keep their machine safe from malicious attacks.

Method 7: Disconnecting and reconnecting to the network

This type of solution is only useful if a user has an issue with a router on their local area network. If the issue persists after a few tries of disconnecting and reconnecting, try the following steps:

Step 1: The first step is to click on the Network icon in the taskbar to get started.

Step 2: From here, you can disconnect the network from which it was previously linked by clicking on it. Check for any Windows errors, such as DNS Server Not Responding, while you are doing this.

Step 3: After that, it’s simple to turn off the router and then turn it back on within a few minutes.

Step 4: Now that you’ve finished setting up your network, you may begin using it.

If the DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config error is caused primarily by a problem with the network or router, then the methods listed above should help you fix it. When that doesn’t work, the user can try the next approach, which we’ll go over in more detail below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” Error:

1. What does the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error mean?

The “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error occurs when there is a problem with the Domain Name System (DNS) configuration, preventing your browser from connecting to the desired website. It indicates a DNS resolution issue that prevents the browser from translating domain names into IP addresses.

2. Why do I see the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error?

The error can occur due to various reasons, including incorrect DNS settings, network connectivity issues, DNS cache corruption, firewall or antivirus settings, or problems with router configuration. Any of these factors can disrupt DNS resolution and trigger the error.

3. How can I fix the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error?

You can try several troubleshooting steps to fix the error, including flushing DNS cache, resetting TCP/IP stack, changing DNS servers, disabling firewall or antivirus temporarily, updating router firmware, and restarting router and modem. Detailed solutions are provided in the troubleshooting guide.

4. Can I resolve the error by changing DNS servers?

Yes, changing DNS servers to public DNS servers like Google DNS ( and or OpenDNS ( and can sometimes resolve the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error. This can bypass potential DNS issues with your ISP and provide more reliable DNS resolution.

5. Will updating router firmware fix the error?

Updating router firmware can potentially resolve the error if it is caused by router configuration problems or firmware bugs. It’s essential to regularly check for firmware updates and apply them to ensure optimal router performance and stability.

6. Should I disable firewall or antivirus software to fix the error?

Temporarily disabling firewall or antivirus software can help determine if they are causing the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error. If the error is resolved after disabling the security software, you can adjust the settings to allow DNS requests and network communication without compromising security.

7. How do I know if the error is caused by network connectivity issues?

You can diagnose network connectivity issues by checking your internet connection, Wi-Fi signal strength, and performing a ping test to verify connectivity to DNS servers and websites. If there are network connectivity problems, resolving them can help address the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error.

8. What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps fix the error?

If none of the troubleshooting steps resolve the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error, you can seek further assistance from your internet service provider (ISP), network administrator, or online forums for additional guidance and support. Provide detailed information about the issue to help diagnose and resolve it effectively.

9. Is the error specific to certain web browsers or operating systems?

The “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error can occur in various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others. It can also affect different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and others. The troubleshooting steps provided are applicable across different browsers and operating systems.

10. Can I prevent the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error from occurring in the future?

You can prevent the error by maintaining correct DNS settings, keeping your network infrastructure updated, regularly flushing DNS cache, configuring firewall or antivirus settings appropriately, and ensuring stable network connectivity. Additionally, using reliable DNS servers and keeping router firmware up to date can help prevent the error from recurring.

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Encountering the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can resolve it effectively. By understanding the possible causes of the error and implementing solutions such as flushing DNS cache,

resetting TCP/IP stack, changing DNS servers, disabling firewall or antivirus temporarily, updating router firmware, and restarting router and modem, you can overcome the error and browse the internet seamlessly.

Whether you’re a casual internet user or rely on the internet for work, these detailed solutions can help you tackle the “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” error and ensure smooth browsing experiences.

Remember to approach troubleshooting systematically and be patient as you work through each step. With determination and persistence, you’ll be able to resolve the error and get back to accessing your favorite websites in no time.


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