10 Best MovieWatcher Alternatives in 2022


Watch movies and television series! Who doesn’t enjoy watching them perform? Even when we don’t feel like it, viewing our favourite movies and TV series can provide us solace. All movie and TV show fans should visit the MovieWatcher online streaming and downloading website.

Users can watch HD movies online for free on the MovieWatcher website. It offers a free service that allows customers to download as many videos as they want without having to pay anything.


The only films that appear are the greatest. At MovieWatcher, you can watch the best movies online. Rather than allowing customers to watch videos directly from its portal, MovieWatcher supplies them with stream locations.

MovieWatcher is not a movie database; rather, it is a platform that gathers movies from third-party video sharing sites and allows users to watch them in high quality for free.

MovieWatcher allows users to search for films by genre, year, actor, rating, release date, or name.

This website provides services that are not limited to simply desktop PCs. Online streaming and downloading can be replaced with other platforms such as mobile and desktop.

Alternatives to MovieWatcher in 2022

If you still want to watch movies but don’t want to confine yourself to MovieWatcher, keep reading to learn about 10 MovieWatcher Alternatives for 2021.

1. PandaMovie

Panda Movie, a free streaming service with practically every movie genre imaginable, is the first on our list.

You’ll find the most diverse selection of TV shows, series, and high-quality Hollywood films on the website. PandaMovie also includes links to most television shows.

PandaMovie has a wide collection of free TV episodes and films. You may watch full-length movies and even download them without interruption.

There are several ways to search for movies and TV shows on our platform, including utilising the search box and browsing the other possibilities.

Other alternatives include directly clicking on genre, show, or movie titles. PandaMovie hosts movies on its own website rather than relying on external websites. When people try to watch a movie and are swamped with adverts, the advertisements can become too invasive.

2. HouseMovie

Try HouseMovie, which offers free streaming and downloads of over 4,000 movies. The portal allows you to watch popular movies and TV shows in high quality from a variety of genres. On HouseMovie, you may either watch or download movies.

Users can download their desired movies in whichever print version they choose through HouseMovie. The abundance of options available nowadays has made finding movies online a lot easier owing to movie and TV programme websites.

HouseMovie is stated in addition to possessing the title of most popular and recently launched movie suggestion websites.

HouseMovie makes it simple to watch or download movies. You can get a quick overview of the film, a few recommendations, and a list of web references with just one click. The initiative is possible to obtain references thanks to the HouseMovie community.

3. GOMovies

Then there’s GOMovies, which is one of the greatest MovieWatcher alternatives for watching high-quality movies for free on the internet. GOMovies’ best feature is that it regularly features new movies that have recently been released.

GOMovies is a great resource for movie fans looking for free access to the latest movies. You won’t have to pay anything to watch movies using this service, and you may watch as many as you like for free.

Recent releases, on the other hand, are exclusively available at GOMovies in low-quality prints, with no other way to see them.

The bulk of the movies available on GOMovies are also available on 123Movies, another important online movie collection. Everything on GOMovies is available for free streaming and download. The one gripe I have with GoMovies is that it charges users for advertisements.

4. PrimeWire

Another amazing MovieWatcher alternative and a great place to get free movies is the PrimeWire movie portal. This website provides you with a collection of free online videos from video hosting websites.

It works similarly to most streaming services in that you may search the archives, browse the categories and filterable lists of movies, and select one to view more data and a link to stream online.

Users can register accounts on this website to gain access to more voting and comments, making it more participatory. Its voting system makes it simple to identify and watch enjoyable material.

Apart from recommendations, PrimeWire provides long-lasting results, a simple interface, comments, and voting.

5. Rainierland Films

Rainierland Movies offers high-definition movies and TV series for free. If you want to watch your favourite movies on a specialised platform, Rainierland Movies is one of the best possibilities.

There are hundreds of high-quality titles available. Rainierland Movies’ web platform has ad-free videos, so you may watch them without interruption.

The user interface on this website is fantastic. When it comes to finding the right movie, you will have no problems. Four parts give user convenience: a search box, newly added movies, most-viewed movies, and movie categories.

The TOP IMDB category, where you can see a list of the top movies based on IMDB ratings, is one of Rainierland Movies’ most significant features.

Rainierland Movies provides one of the largest selections of action films, adventure films, animation films, comedies, criminal films, documentaries, family films, fantasy films, TV movies, thrillers, and more to watch online. Additionally, movie buffs can sort films by year.

6. Putlocker

Putlocker 9 is not the same as the original Putlocker; it is a separate service that delivers free movies under a different name. Putlocker9 allows you to view free movies online without registering, learn about new releases, and download them without having to register.

Putlocker9 acquires movies from a number of different sources. Putlocker and several more streaming services are represented on the site. Putlocker9 allows you to watch HD movies on the internet at any time.

This website is simple to use because users may choose a movie with only a few clicks and find it with just one click. This section contains significant information about each film, including its runtime, rating, release date, casts, genres, and storyline synopsis.

7. HDMoviesPoint

HDMoviesPoint is the next best MovieWatcher option on our list. Users can choose from a large range of movies in various HD quality sizes and download HD movies in a variety of formats at HDMoviesPoint.

On this site, you will not be harassed by adverts. It is completely free and does not require registration.

You may view and download a variety of free movies here. However, it has been criticised for not allowing users to download movies without first having an account (which can be volatile, as some users are never prompted to do so).

8. Movie4u

Movie4u is up next. It is a free alternative to MovieWatcher that hosts free TV episodes and movies. Movie4u offers free streaming of the latest TV episodes and movies, as well as the ability to explore and watch high-quality movies directly from the database.

At Movie4u, you may watch your favourite serials and movies for free. Thousands of movies and TV series are available through the streaming service. Movie4u differs from other services that allow you to stream and download movies in that it does not engage in hacking or spamming.

Furthermore, there are no invasive adverts on the website. Movie4u is one of the best options for watching movies for free and without restrictions thanks to these characteristics.

9. Niter

Niter is a good choice as a replacement for MoviesWatcher. An online streaming device that is unlike any other. There are a lot of free videos on their site, and you can also post your own, which is Niter’s most unique feature.

You may also post your movie for free here; just make sure to check your copyright beforehand. The user interface is also rather appealing. The site is user-friendly and offers a range of ways to search for movies.

10. YesMovies

If you’re seeking for a free movie and TV series streaming site, YesMovies is a great option. Thousands of TV episodes, movies, and documentaries are available for free on this platform.

YesMovies allows you to watch or download movies for free. The content is provided by non-affiliated third parties rather than being stored by YesMovies.

Apart from Hollywood films, the website also features films from the Asian, French, Indian, Hong Kong, French, Indian, and other sectors.

Action, adventure, fantasy, animation, horror, sci-fi, history, romance, mystery, and crime are among the genres available on YesMovies.


We hope that the MoviesWatcher alternatives listed above will meet your requirements. Among the websites listed above, you’re likely to locate the right one. While watching a movie marathon or binge, enjoy popcorn and refreshments!


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