11 Best Sites Like Craigslist To Buy Or Sell Stuff In 2023


A large number of people sell as well as buy secondhand items. Listing the item on sites like Craigslist is the simplest way to start looking for it. You may deal locally on Craigslist and make some quick cash. However, many users dislike and distrust Craigslist when it comes to purchasing and selling secondhand products. They may have trust concerns and should explore other options for trading their used items.

11 Alternatives to Craigslist for Buying and Selling Items

There are numerous possibilities for selling and purchasing secondhand products on the market. You can post your stuff on such websites and interact with your local community. Users can try some of the alternatives listed below instead of Craigslist.



1. Twitter

With a large number of active users, Facebook is the most popular social media app. The platform is mostly used to connect and share with friends. You can, however, use Facebook to buy and sell secondhand items. A big number of people use the platform to sell items in their local area.

By searching for yard sale and your city name, you can join a variety of local selling clubs. Another option for searching for items is to go to the “Explore Menu” and select the “Buy/Sell Groups” tab.

Additionally, Facebook has a “Marketplace” option on the left sidebar. Furthermore, when you join a selling group, make sure to follow the rules and regulations of the organisation in question. You can use the group to sell a goods or to look for something special to buy. The products are usually listed in the order that they are uploaded in the groups.

2. Letgo

Instead of Craigslist, consumers might utilise Letgo, which is a popular site. Letgo’s user interface is interactive and simple to use. The things that have recently been listed on the platform are displayed on the website’s home page. You may also use the search function to get results in certain categories.

Additionally, the site displays other things from the vendor when you click on an item to view its details. For further information, vendors can offer videos with images of things. Sellers must validate their Facebook and Google accounts in order to create an account. Sellers can also communicate with buyers using the built-in chat tool.

3. Swappa

Swappa is an excellent marketplace for old electrical equipment. The platform allows users to purchase and sell items such as watches, cameras, and cell phones. Swappa can also be used to trade video games and tablets.

Swappa also offers free listings for streaming gadgets, thermostats, and other smart home products. This means that vendors can list their products on the site for free. Swappa, on the other hand, charges a fee for transaction help when you acquire a product from them.

4. Recycler

If you live in the United States, Recycler is a fantastic choice to consider. The company began as a classified newspaper in Southern California. Recycler currently has a monthly user base of around 18 million people.

You can use the Recycler site to look for rental properties as well as buy and sell pets. The platform can also assist in the sale and purchase of used automobiles, as well as the promotion of the post via the use of targeted advertisements. It might assist in marketing the goods to a certain group of customers or market.

5. Offerup

In comparison to the other platforms outlined and available, Offerup is a newer platform. However, it is rapidly gaining popularity and has a large number of things posted. It also allows you to utilise Facebook to promote your Offerup items. Users can give ratings to both sellers and buyers on the platform.

As a result, the procedure is more secure, and the platform is free of bogus listings. Another significant benefit of utilising Offerup is the ability to counter-offer the seller’s price. The platform allows you to save items for later study.

6. Oodle

Oodle has a somewhat different approach to product listing. The platform includes things that are listed directly on the site by the merchants. Scraping goods from other sites is another approach to increase the number of products featured.

This means that adverts for used automobiles uploaded directly and through sites like Cars.com will appear in the listings. On Oodle, you can search for a wide range of possibilities. Pets, antiques, services, and other items are among the possibilities.

7. Geebo

Geebo has been in business for quite some time and offers services in a number of major cities. In the United States, the platform is available in over 160 communities. It is also an excellent alternative to consider in locations such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Virginia, and others.

Geebo is a fantastic place to buy and sell real estate, autos, heavy equipment, and other items. Geebo’s SafeTrade feature enhances the security of its transactions. When the buyer and seller choose SafeTrade, the transaction must be completed at a local police station.

8. Bookoo

Another wonderful option for buying and selling old stuff locally is Bookoo. Users can list products individually or in groups on the portal. Bookoo’s services are available in a variety of locations, including numerous military bases. With 2.3 million active members, Bookoo features a wonderful and easy-to-use interface.

You must provide a photo and a brief description of yourself to create a seller profile on Bookoo. The platform offers purchasers the seller’s current and previous products. You may also use their live chat help to get answers to your questions.

9. Trove Market

Another excellent venue for selling and buying vintage furniture is Trove Market. The platform includes a user-friendly layout and a simple listing process. The furniture and antique category on Trove Market contains a large number of listings.

Once the contract is finalised, users can use the site to express comments and schedule meetings. The feedback option increases platform security and minimises the amount of bogus listings.

10. Hoobly

Hoobly and Craigslist have nearly identical user interfaces and functionalities. The portal lists products in a variety of categories and allows users to search for what they need. Items listed in Europe and Canada are also available. Hoobly is the most popular platform for buying and selling pets.

This is due to the fact that the platform has the most possibilities in this area. Hoobly’s product listing process is simple, and there are no fees for purchase and sell transactions.

11. ClassifiedAds

One of the most popular websites for selling and purchasing secondhand products is ClassifiedAds.com. The platform features a straightforward graphical user interface. With the exception of images, the layout resembles vintage newspaper ads.

Due to the vast number of listings, users have a good possibility of finding something on the platform. Although ClassifiedAds.com is popular in large cities, you may also filter for local areas inside cities.


Craigslist has long been the market leader in the purchase and sale of old goods. The platform features a large number of product listings and has been on the market for some time. Craigslist does not charge any fees when you sell or purchase something on its site.

However, some users may be hesitant to utilise the site owing to security concerns or negative past experiences. You can purchase and sell used items on any of the other websites or platforms listed above. You can use any of the popular sites in your neighbourhood or town.


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