6 Ways To Fix ‘Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load’ Error

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There is no doubt that Windows remains one of the frequent and mostly used Operating systems in the world. And therefore it is one of the pivotal centers for web attacks. Apart from the great additional features like Wi-Fi Sense, Windows update delivery optimization, etc.the users are also faced with certain problems.

The error ‘Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load’ is one of them. WUDFRd is basically a type of SYS file or we can say a third-party device driver that comes along with Windows Operating System. Any corrupt device drivers or faulty hardware can be the cause behind the SYS file errors.

Usually, the problems associated with WUDFRd arises during the program startup. It can also occur when the computer is undergoing a startup. And lastly, it can occur when any unique function is being used in your program.

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Understanding the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load Error

The Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error typically occurs when Windows encounters difficulties loading a user-mode driver through the Windows User-Mode Driver Framework.

This framework is responsible for managing user-mode drivers for devices such as USB peripherals, input devices, and audio devices. When the WUDF service fails to load a driver correctly, it can result in system crashes, BSOD errors, or device malfunctions.

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Common Causes of the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load Error

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error. Understanding these common causes is essential for effective troubleshooting. Here are some typical reasons why you might encounter this error:

  1. Corrupted or Outdated Drivers: Corrupted, incompatible, or outdated drivers for devices managed by the WUDF service can prevent the framework from loading drivers properly, leading to the error.
  2. Windows Update Issues: Problems with Windows Update or the installation of cumulative updates can disrupt system files or drivers, causing errors related to the WUDF service.
  3. Software Conflicts: Conflicts between third-party software applications or security programs and the WUDF service can interfere with driver loading processes and trigger the error.
  4. System File Corruption: Corruption of system files or components essential for the functioning of the WUDF service can result in errors during driver loading operations.
  5. Hardware Malfunctions: Physical hardware issues such as faulty devices, damaged connectors, or malfunctioning components can prevent drivers from loading correctly, leading to the error.

How to Fix Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load

Here are the listed solutions for the predicted reasons which can cause the ‘Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load’ problem.

Method 1: Run Windows Updates

The first thing is to install updates regularly to fix this WUDFRd error. The below stated steps will guide the user to do this. But before the user starts following this step, it must be made sure

that the system used by the user doesn’t have Windows Update Service Not Running Error persisting from before.

STEP 1: At first, go to the Start Menu.

STEP 2: After reaching there type “Windows Updates” in the search

STEP 3: Then click on Check for Updates. Then continue the process by installing the updates if there’s any available for the system.

STEP 4: At the end reboot the system and check whether the error exists or not.

Method 2: Power Supply Error

The next case can be that the ‘Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load’ problem happen at the time of rebooting the system. This may lead to the shutdown of the system due to the weak power supply.

As the power will fail to hold the load, the power supply will fail. This failure of the power supply can also lead to Windows 10 Random Restart errors along with the Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load error.

Method 3: Switch off Hard Disk Hibernation

The next solution is switching off the Hard Disk Hibernation. The following steps will guide the user for doing the same.

STEP 1: First press the Windows Key+X and move to the Power Options to get a view of the settings.

STEP 2: Then go through the Additional power settings to open the Control Panel.

STEP 3: After that click on Change plan settings and Change advanced power settings.

STEP 4: Then just tap on the Hard disk and turn it off.

STEP 5: Choose the option “Neverfor “On battery” settings.

STEP 6: At the end, select Apply and then OK.

Method 4: Uninstall and Reinstall USB Controllers

Follow the steps given below.

STEP 1: At first press Windows Key +R and then type “msc. To view, the device manager click on the Enter button.

STEP 2: The user will have to expand the USB Then Right-click on each of them. Then, click on“Uninstall.” Then, click on Yesfor confirmation.

STEP 3: After the installation of the controllers, the user will have to reboot the Do have a check whether there are any USB Ports Not Working Errors persisting too.

STEP 4: Now tap on Scan for hardware changes after opening the device manager.

STEP 5: Then follow the instructions given below to uninstall the drivers.

Uninstall the Drivers

If the user wishes to save time by not finding the faulty driver one after the other in Device Manager.  Just the user will have to perform the following:

STEP 1: Download the “Driver Easy” tool or “PC Repair tool” and run it in the system.

STEP 2: After the installation of the “Driver Easy” tool, just click on the“Scan Now”.

This will search the missing and corrupted drivers. After the scanning, the user can install or download the correct drivers that the tool discovered.

The main function of the “PC Repair” tool is to fix startup issues, system errors, PC’s junk files, and many others.

Apart from this “PC Repair” tool, there are a number of other available tools in the market that will help the user to efficiently manage the driver and find them with ease. Thus saving a lot of time.

NOTE: Sometimes the user might see a message somewhat like “best drivers are already installed on your device”. In such a case the above-mentioned method to sort out the Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load problem might not be beneficial. There may be some better drivers on the manufacturer’s site or Windows update for the user.

Method 5: Update Drivers that are Incompatible

Among all the other predicted solutions for the occurrence of the ‘Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load problem one is the installation of the latest drivers. For this, we first need to go to the manufacturer

site for the system and then install the latest drivers. For example, graphic drivers, sound drivers, and many others. After the installation of the latest drivers makes sure to reboot the system.

Method 6: Check Windows Drivers Foundation service Settings

Follow the below stated steps to carry out the final solution the Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load problem

STEP 1: At first, start the process by pressing the Windows Key + R and then continue the process by typing “services.msc”. Lastly, hit OK.

STEP 2: After that, scroll down the Windows driver foundation service. Then, double-click to view its properties.

STEP 3: If the user finds the Windows startup is disabled by default, then simply select Automatic to enable the function.

STEP 4: At the end complete the process press Apply and then click on OK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load Error

  1. What is the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error?
    • The Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error occurs when Windows encounters difficulties loading a user-mode driver through the Windows User-Mode Driver Framework (WUDF) service.
  2. What are the common causes of the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error?
    • Common causes include corrupted or outdated drivers, Windows update issues, software conflicts, system file corruption, and hardware malfunctions.
  3. How can I fix the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error?
    • Solutions include updating device drivers, performing Windows updates, running a System File Checker (SFC) scan, checking for software conflicts, performing hardware diagnostics, performing a System Restore, or contacting support for assistance.
  4. Why does the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error occur?
    • The error can occur due to various factors such as corrupted drivers, conflicts with third-party software, system file corruption, or hardware issues preventing proper loading of drivers through the WUDF service.
  5. How do I update device drivers to fix the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error?
    • You can update device drivers through Device Manager or use third-party driver update software to check for and install the latest driver updates for your devices.
  6. What should I do if none of the solutions fix the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error?
    • If none of the solutions resolve the error, consider contacting Microsoft Support or seeking assistance from a professional technician for further troubleshooting and assistance. Provide detailed information about the error for accurate diagnosis and resolution.
  7. Can hardware issues cause the Driver WUDFRd Failed to Load error?
    • Yes, hardware malfunctions such as faulty devices or damaged connectors can prevent drivers from loading correctly through the WUDF service, leading to the error. Performing hardware diagnostics can help identify and resolve such issues.

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No matter which Operating System we use, none of them can be absolutely perfect. However, what can we do is minimize the number of errors that might interrupt the normal working of the system.

Similarly Windows 10, no matter how many additional features are implemented in it, can never be made totally error-free. So the least we could do is to find methods to eradicate the errors which may occur from time to time.

The Driver WUDFRD Failed To Load error is one of those errors that the windows 10 users encounter. In the above-mentioned solutions we have considered all the predicted reasons for the occurrence of this error and have mentioned the solutions accordingly.

If you are facing this error then we are pretty much sure that the solution will be mentioned in any one among the methods provided above.


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