9 Best Sites Like KissAnime


KissAnime is where the majority of anime fans around the world watch and download anime cartoons, videos, and movies. When it comes to watching anime online, KissAnime has always been a frontrunner. The platform has a big content library and is fully safe and secure to use.

On any device, you may view or download your favourite anime video for free. Despite its many advantages, KissAnime is not immune to technological flaws or glitches. There were times when the KissAnime server couldn’t manage the load and technical issues occurred. As a result, it is always advisable to explore other excellent options for watching anime without sacrificing quality.


KissAnime Benefits

KissAnime’s popularity for streaming anime videos is due to the following factors:

1. No registration or fees: Most users believe this to be the finest feature for streaming anime on KissAnime. To watch your favourite anime content, you do not need to establish an account or register on the site. Furthermore, KissAnime provides all of its content for free and does not collect any fees.

2. UI: KissAnime provides a straightforward, user-friendly interface with straightforward search options. Users find it simple to explore the site and find their favourite content. KissAnime regularly updates its content library and provides shows in excellent audio and video quality.

3. Huge collection and download options: KissAnime’s website has a huge selection of anime content. Your favourite anime can be found in a variety of genres, including adventure, action, cartoons, and more. Users can download their favourite anime content from the website.

4. Dubbed versions: Another fantastic feature of KissAnime is the availability of dubbed anime content. You can also watch subbed English versions of your favourite anime series. All of the anime content is accessible in high-definition audio and video. Depending on your internet connection, you can view KissAnime shows in 240 to 1080p.

5. Forthcoming Anime Information: KissAnime’s webpage features information about upcoming anime. You may also sort the anime on the site by date, popularity, and other factors.

How Can I Get Anime From KissAnime?

KissAnime allows you to watch and download your favourite anime series online. To download your favourite episodes, you do not need to pay any fees or register on the website. To download episodes from KissAnime, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to KissAnime and search for the anime show or animation you want to watch. You can either look for the show in the genre area or in the categories section. The search box or advanced search option are the other options.

Step 2: After that, select the anime show or animation that you want to download. This will take you to a separate page or website that lists all of the show’s seasons and episodes. From the list, select and click the episode you wish to download.

Step 3: Finally, clicking on the episode will take you to a page with a video player where you may watch it online. Go to the portion of the page where the Download/mobile option is listed. It’s usually found beneath the streaming player.

Step 4: Finally, select the video quality based on your internet speed by clicking the download option. Select the location where you want the file to be downloaded and click OK.

This will free download your favourite anime content from the KissAnime website to the selected location.

Popular KissAnime Categories

KissAnime features a huge selection of anime content, including cartoons, series, movies, and more. Users can now watch and download their favourite anime content all in one spot. The following are the most popular categories among KissAnime users:


9 Anime Streaming Sites Like KissAnime in 2020

While viewing or downloading anime video from KissAnime, users may encounter unexpected errors. Server downtime or technical issues are examples of common errors. You can use the alternatives to KissAnime listed below to keep watching your favourite shows without any problems.

1. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a prominent website where you can watch anime for free. The site has a tremendous amount of content, with over 45000 episodes of various shows. AnimePlanet, which has been running since 2001, also features manga content.

The website’s user interface is clean and uncomplicated, with simple search and navigation options. On its site, Anime Planet offers a section dedicated to the most recent, recommended, and popular anime.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the second best option after KissAnime and has a significant number of active users. The anime community has embraced the site since its inception in 2006. Crunchyroll features a vast selection of anime and manga shows. According to the most recent estimations, the site has around 25000 episodes spread throughout 900 series and programmes. Crunchyroll offers a simple user interface with a search box and categories for quick searches.

3. Anime Lab

In Australia and New Zealand, AnimeLab is a well-known free streaming service. Users in other regions of the world can use a VPN service to access the site. AnimeLab provides a straightforward user interface and a big library of anime series and shows. Full-length episodes are available to watch on both mobile and desktop. AnimeLab also features a simple search function for finding your favourite shows.

4. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is another excellent resource for free anime viewing and downloads. The site includes an appealing user interface and a simple search function for finding your favourite content.

With thousands of shows and series accessible, ChiaAnime has a lot of stuff. There is no need to register, and all of the content is of excellent quality. Another significant benefit is that Chia-Anime also provides an English subtitled version of anime entertainment.

5. AnimeFreak

Another excellent website for watching anime is Anime Freak. The anime site offers a simple yet appealing user layout that makes searching straightforward. Anime Freak also boasts the largest collection of anime videos and manga.

Anime Freak’s material spans a variety of genres, including action, comedy, romance, and more. There are also sections on the site’s homepage for popular, new, and ongoing anime.

6. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime offers a large selection of free anime content in a variety of areas. The website’s homepage is very appealing, with all of the anime shows displayed alphabetically. For a buffer-free experience, GoGoAnime lets you choose the video quality.

7. 9Anime

9Anime is an excellent alternative to KissAnime. To watch anime on the site, you do not need to log in or register. Users can access a large library of anime movies and series for free on 9Anime. The site’s main benefit over other sites is that it provides content in both dubbed and subbed English versions.

8. AnimeFrenzy

Anime Frenzy has long been a top-rated site for watching free anime. The site offers a clean, simple UI with a simple search function. Anime Frenzy has a big library of content that is continuously updated. You can also talk with other individuals who are viewing the same anime using its “chat room feature.”

9. AnimeXD

AnimeXD has a large library of free anime series and movies to watch. The site includes simple search tools and a dedicated section for current anime. Users can also converse with others via the AnimeXD chat room feature. This allows others who are viewing the same anime series or movies to engage and discuss them.


KissAnime has always been an excellent place to watch anime because of its extensive features. If you’re having trouble with KissAnime, you can always try one of the other options listed above. These are excellent sites that offer a huge selection of anime content and do not require registration.


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