How To Fix ‘Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate’ Error on Android and iOS

Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error on Android and iOS

In the dynamic world of mobile gaming, ‘Pokemon Go’ has emerged as a cultural phenomenon, blending the virtual and real worlds in an interactive experience. However, players often face the ‘Unable to Authenticate’ error, which can be a major roadblock in their adventurous journey.

This detailed article provides an in-depth exploration of this error, discussing its meaning, causes, and solutions, making it essential reading for every ‘Pokemon Go’ enthusiast.

Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error on Android and iOS

Understanding the ‘Unable to Authenticate’ Error in Pokemon Go

The ‘Unable to Authenticate’ error in ‘Pokemon Go’ is a common issue encountered by players on both Android and iOS devices. This error message typically appears during the login process, preventing players from accessing the game.

It signifies that the game’s server is unable to verify the player’s account details, which is crucial for a seamless gaming experience.

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Common Causes of the Error

To effectively resolve this error, understanding its common causes is essential:

  1. Server Issues: Sometimes, the problem lies with ‘Pokemon Go’s’ servers, especially during high traffic periods or server maintenance.
  2. Account Problems: Issues related to the player’s ‘Pokemon Go’ or associated Google, Facebook, or Niantic accounts can lead to authentication failures.
  3. Internet Connectivity Issues: A weak or unstable internet connection can hinder the game’s ability to authenticate the user.
  4. Outdated Game Version: Running an outdated version of ‘Pokemon Go’ can cause compatibility and authentication problems.
  5. Device Compatibility: Some older or unsupported devices may struggle to run the game properly, leading to authentication errors.
  6. Corrupted App Data: Corrupted or incomplete game data on the player’s device can also lead to authentication issues.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error on Android & iOS

Method 1: Check Pokemon Go Server Status

Pokémon GO is a game and millions of users opt for it at the same time. Hence, there are possibilities that the server might get crowded. Crowding of servers beyond a certain limit can cause the server to go for some time.

Therefore, it is recommended for you to check the status of the server before you resort to any further solutions to tackle the Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error. Whereas if the server is not running down and still you face the error, it is requested to resort to further solutions.

Method 2: Check Airplane Mode Status

This is the silliest method one would resort to troubleshoot the Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error of any online game. Follow the given steps:

Step 1 – Primarily, exit the Pokémon GO game.

Step 2 – Then navigate to the settings and turn on the Airplane mode.

Step 3 – After this go back and click the Pokemon go game icon to open it.

Step 4 – At the very moment you start the game, turn off the Airplane mode.

Step 5 – Try logging into the game now to check whether the issue is solved.

If the issue still prevails there is no reason to worry but you can try on with the next solutions.

Method 3: Force Stop Pokemon Go And Re-Launch Again

As silly as it sounds even the most trivial method can be fruitful to troubleshoot the Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error. This is a very easy solution and maximum users use it to tackle the issue. Follow the given steps depending on your device.

on Android:

Step 1 – Navigate to the settings then click on Apps.

Step 2 – Choose Pokémon GO and press Force stop.

Step 3 – Relaunch the game and check whether the game runs properly.

on iOS:

Step 1 – Double click so that it will show the recently used app.

Step 2 – Close the Pokémon GO app.

Step 3 – Relaunch the game and check whether the game runs properly.

Method 4: Check your Saved Password

It is mostly seen that users playing the game have multiple google accounts and hence have different saved passwords in each individual account. Therefore, we advise you to remove all the unnecessary accounts while you log in to the Pokemon game server.

This will help you to smoothly log in without any password confusion.

Method 5: Clear Your Device Cache

Caches are often useful while loading the game at a greater speed but sometimes the caches attract most of the memory and hence give rise to the error “Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate”.

So, you can try clearing all the cache memory in the app and try logging in once again. To clear the cache memory to follow the given steps:

Step 1 – Navigate to the Settings.

Step 2 – Go to the App then click on the Pokémon GO app.

Step 3 – Then clear the cache as well the data.

Step 4 – Relaunch the game and check whether the game runs properly.

Method 6: Are You On iOS 9 or iOS 10?

Users have different iOS versions (9 or 10) and use the Pokemon go version of 1.73.3. The log in issues might occur if you are an iOS 9 user as the version 1.73.3 supports iOS 10. Therefore, you can try upgrading your iOS and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 7: Try to Login with Google Account

The users are often seen opting to sign in with the Pokemon go trainer club account. Sometimes, the users have blocked that try to log in using the PTC server and show the error; “Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate” while you try to log in.

Instead, you can try logging in through the Google account and enjoy the game.

Method 8: Get Help From the Pokémon Team

Now since you have come this long and all the above solutions were useless for you then you better take the help of the Pokemon team. This is could be the most effective solution to the problem “Pokémon GO Unable to Authenticate“.

For this, you can visit the Nintendo Support page and submit your issue to the team and wait for their response as well as hope for the best.

Preventative Measures for Future

To minimize the chances of encountering the ‘Unable to Authenticate’ error:

  1. Regular Updates: Keep ‘Pokemon Go’ and your device’s operating system updated.
  2. Stable Internet Connection: Ensure a consistent and strong internet connection during gameplay.
  3. Account Security: Regularly check the security settings of your linked accounts.
  4. Device Compatibility: Use a device that meets the recommended specifications for ‘Pokemon Go’.

Advanced Solutions for Persistent Issues

If the standard troubleshooting steps don’t work, consider these advanced solutions:

  1. Check Date and Time Settings: Ensure your device’s date and time are set correctly, as discrepancies can lead to authentication errors.
  2. Review App Permissions: Make sure ‘Pokemon Go’ has all the necessary permissions enabled on your device.
  3. Factory Reset: As a last resort, a factory reset of your device can resolve deep-rooted issues. Remember to back up your data before doing this.

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I hope the article will help you fix the Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error and request you to choose the best suitable solution according to you. Also, let us know which method worked for you and check out our Gaming guides, Router guides, and Windows tips and tricks.


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