How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

In the Mangrove Swamp biome, the Mud Block is a popular decorative block that may be broken down into Mud Bricks. Although you can pick up Mud Blocks by hand, using a Shovel will greatly speed up the process.

You can find Mud Blocks in Mangrove Swamps, but in Minecraft you can also make your own. When you use a Water Bottle on a Dirt Block, it immediately changes into a Mud Block.

Because of this, as long as players have access to an endless supply of Dirt and Water, they can make an infinite number of Mud Blocks and Mud Bricks.

How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Follow these methods to know how to make mud bricks in Minecraft

Step 1. Open the Crafting Menu

First, open your crafting mat so that the 3×3 grid can be seen.

Step 2. Add Items to make Mud Bricks

When you open the crafting menu, you’ll see a 3×3 crafting grid. A mud brick is made by packing four fistfuls of mud into a 3×3 grid. Making mud bricks requires packing the mud in exactly the method depicted below.

The first box in the first row should be filled with one clump of mud, and the second box with another. In the second row’s first box, place one clump of mud, and in the second box, place another clump of mud. This Minecraft crafting guide will show you how to make mud bricks.

3. Move the Mud Bricks to Inventory

After making mud bricks, the following step is to put them in your storage.

How to Get Mud Blocks

Those who are able to find a mangrove swamp will have little trouble finding muck. It can be dug up with or without tools, and it’s not hard to come upon. If you don’t have access to the mucky mud found in a Mangrove Swamp, regular old Dirt Blocks will have to do.

Simply filling a Dirt Block with water from a Water Bottle will turn it into a Mud Block. This isn’t the greatest effective use of time or effort, but it will have to do for now.

Make Packed Mud

The next step here is to make some Packed Mud. The recipe for Packed Mud calls for both Mud and Wheat. It takes four Packed Mud to make four Mud Bricks at once. It is possible to activate any of the three Mud structures from this vantage point.

Due to possible tiny differences in the mixture utilized to make the bricks, the end result may vary somewhat from batch to batch. Version 1.19 of Minecraft adds three new objects that may be built with Mud Bricks: To create 6 mud brick slabs, you’ll need 3 mud packs.

To make 4 Mud Brick Stairs, you’ll need 6 Packed Mud. You’ll need six packs of mud if you want to construct a mud brick wall six feet tall. With the help of a Stonecutter, you can build stairs and walls with fewer bricks.

The difference is so small that either strategy can be used successfully in all but one scenario. This guide covers every aspect of how to make mud bricks in Minecraft. Check out Game Skinny, where you can get a wealth of Minecraft resources including seed lists and how-to manuals.


It is a natural part of the environment for Mangrove Swamp Biomes to produce mud both above and below ground. The color is dark, and it makes a squelching noise as you walk on it. Mangrove swamps can be difficult to find, but you are in luck.

You can only make mud on your base no matter what Biome you’re in. All you need is a water bottle. Any Dirt Block can be turned into a Mud Block by right-clicking a Water Bottle on it.

You can make as many Mud Blocks as you like if you have an endless supply of Water. Since Grass Blocks are, well, composed of grass, they can’t be damaged in this way. That is true even for rural and dirt roads.


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