How to Make a Shower in Minecraft

How to Make a Shower in Minecraft

It only takes a few blocks and a few pieces of redstone for Minecraft players to construct a fully functional shower that can be turned on and off. In all honesty, it’s rather amazing how many things gamers of Minecraft have built with redstone.

The game’s achievements range from the completion of an in-game cell phone to the accurate recreation of the classic game Battleship. However, users don’t need to be expert engineers or have played Minecraft for years to begin tinkering with redstone.

A player can construct a rudimentary shower for use in their base or house. This structure can be a fantastic addition to any Minecraft environment, and it demonstrates that working with redstone is not as intimidating as it may seem. With the help of this post, you will get to know how to make a shower in Minecraft.

How to Make a Shower in Minecraft

How To Make A Shower In Minecraft?

There are a lot of cool things you can do in Minecraft. Taking a bath or shower is one of these. Excuse me, Minecraft Freaks! People always ask me during my twitch streams how I make my ultra-modern bathrooms, so I figured I’d write up a guide for newbies like yourself.

The first step is to choose on a color scheme. I plan on having a contemporary appearance with a checkered floor. This floor is made of Polished Diorite and Black Concrete.

For the building materials, I suggest using smooth quartz block. The bathroom is where we’ll begin. How to make a shower in Minecraft is outlined below.

Step 1: Construct an iron-block 5×5-cube to use as a foundation.

Step 2: Use the smooth quartz blocks to create a wall three blocks high along two of the base’s edges.

Step 3: The shower enclosure would benefit from a glass wall. Keep the space between the two blocks I’ve outlined with black glass.

Step 4: Get a Redstone torch and lean it up against the wall next to a lever. The piston’s energy source is now set.

Step 5: Keep a piston and block setup with the piston directly over the Redstone torch. Place four more blocks on top of the first, then fill the space in the middle with water.

Step 6: Build a cover, and you’ll be all set to take a bath!

Redstone Powered Shower

This redstone-powered, pulsating shower is sure to be a conversation starter. Water is typically released from showers by just pulling a lever, but this one is truly exceptional. It’s powered by a clock that spins two adhesive pistons to produce a more steady “stream,” just as in a real shower.

Flushing Toilet

After all, no one wants to use the bucket method of relieving themselves in such a lovely restroom. So, what are we in, the stone age now? I think not! Use this idea to build a basic flushing toilet that will look great in any contemporary bathroom. It’s the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom!

Blow Dryer

Towels? Who needs them in this day and age? After all, we are in Minecraft, so we need to be quick on our feet. Snowballs stored in a dispenser are an excellent alternative to traditional hair dryers.

The Sink

Everything, except the kitchen sink, perhaps? Not at all; a sink for the restroom is something we will definitely construct. For the sake of versatility and personal preference, this is my go-to sink.

Here, you can make whatever adjustments you like to the design. I’ve decided to go with Smooth Quartz Block once more. First, we set up two blocks with a gap in between them in order to accommodate one stair block made of smooth quartz.

As shown in Image 2, the stairwell should be oriented such that it faces the wall. There it will pool and wait for its time to be released. We should probably build some cabinets next. Photograph 3 shows two item frames with a Birch Pressure Plate flipped inside out.

These storage units are highly adaptable, as they may be outfitted with a wide variety of features, from trapdoors to anvils. Once again, a Trip Wire has been installed as a tap. As shown in image 4, you can also employ banners to create convincing cabinet doors. In the next paragraphs, I will explain how to construct knob banners.

Bathtub in Minecraft

To soak in a tub is a breeze. Just take your go-to stair block and go to work. I have chosen to work with Smooth Quartz. Make a U with four blocks, like in image 1, then fill it with two stair blocks connected at right angles to the outside.

Put a pail of water in the bathtub, and you’re almost done! One of the best-looking taps is a tripwire. A shower head operated by a lever is another viable option. To keep shampoo and other bottles from sliding down the tub’s side, I like to use Turtle Eggs or Sea Pickles.


Minecraft is a video game in the Lego-style role-playing genre, in which players can create their own virtual environments. The game’s progression has allowed for the addition of many new features, but its core concept of having your avatar build blocks to protect themselves from creatures remains.

A bathroom can be built in Minecraft by devoting a large, spacious area of your home to the purpose, with easy access from the bedroom. The only thing missing at this point are the necessary bathroom accessories. Hope you now know how to make a shower in Minecraft.


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