How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

In Minecraft, bubble elevators are some of the most exciting structures to construct. These elevators transport players by use of water, making them useful for subterranean bases, dwellings, and even automated mob farms.

These lifts can be made with little effort. They don’t need a lot of stuff, either, although some of the stuff they do need can be hard to find. Here you will find how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

Building a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 1.19 Using Soul Sand and More

The version 1.19 patch brought forth numerous adjustments. Two new biomes and the game’s deadliest enemy mob, the Warden, were also included. However, no changes have been made to the traditional design of a submarine lift.

Because of this, the identical contraption that could be constructed before version 1.19 can still be made and used. If the world was created before version 1.19 and subsequently updated, the lifts will still function.

How Does a Bubble Elevator Work

Many different types of blocks in Minecraft are known to produce gaseous bubbles in the game’s water blocks. These bubbles have the potential to transport objects within the water, the specifics of which depend on the direction and velocity of their stream. So, if something enters a bubbling stream that is moving higher, it will also move upwards.

Equally applicable to descending streams are the same rules. This principle is fundamental to the operation of Minecraft’s water elevator. You’ll need to build two water elevators, one for going up and one for going down, because a single stream can’t flow in both directions.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

Gather the materials you’ll need to build your Bubble elevator, including at least two Water Buckets, two Soul Sand, and two Magma Blocks. By blowing bubbles on your water elevator, the Soul Sand propels you upward, while the Magma Block causes you to descend.

We utilized glass for the elevator’s walls in the instructions below, but you can use whatever materials you prefer to create your own. The elevator’s up current requires the Soul Sand, while the down current requires the Magma Blocks.

It’s not necessary to have two Water Buckets, but doing so will save you time and effort. To know how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Place Soul Sand

To begin, players must take out a square of grass and replace it with a square of soul sand. With this, swimmers will be propelled upward through the water.

Step 2: Build the Elevator

Once the glass blocks are in place, one on each side of the elevator, the water can be contained.

Step 3: Pour the Water

To make water flow from the top of the tower to the bottom, players must first place the water bucket within the tower on the one-block area between the four pillars. You can expect to see the bubble effect nearly instantly.

However, gamers of Minecraft won’t be able to swim all the way to the bottom using the elevator. Players who are too high up, or who are not playing in Creative Mode, may take fall damage if they attempt to leap down.

Step 4: Open the Door

To begin, makers must decide which end will serve as the entrance. Two glass blocks stacked on top of each other should be used there. The glass barriers blocking the water’s flow must be shattered and replaced with signs.

How to Use Minecraft Water Elevator

Putting a soul sand or magma block at the bottom of the elevator is all that’s left to do to make it work. In order to accomplish this, please follow these steps:

Create Upwards Elevator (Soul Sand)

In Minecraft, you can trigger an upward stream of bubbles by placing a soul sand block at the base of the water elevator. If a person, mob, or object enters the water elevator’s bubble stream, it will be instantly lifted to the top.

You can step off the water flow and onto the top glass block once you reach the very top. Making a landing pad at the top can let you get around more easily.

Create Downwards Elevator (Magma)

In Minecraft, you can stop the bubbles from rising by putting a magma block at the bottom of the water elevator. It exerts a downward force on liquids, causing marine life to head in its direction.

As long as you have access to the blocks at the bottom, you can keep programming your elevator to serve different purposes, although we recommend building two independent elevators.

Make Double Elevators

There is no need for two individual lifts if you opt instead to enlarge a single lift to incorporate two water channels. Your water elevator will need to be two blocks wide if you want to achieve that.

Then fill the bottom with a magma block and a soul sand block. It’s possible to ascend via the soul sand bubbles, and descend via the magma bubbles.


Minecraft gamers are always on the search for rapid means to scale big heights, whether it’s to escape a dark dripstone cave or to reach the pinnacle of a tower. Because of the inefficiencies of ladders, minecart elevators, and slime block elevators, bubble elevators have become increasingly popular.

These machines are simple to construct, responsive, and, most significantly, inexpensive. may this guide solved your query how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft.


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