Best Amazon Prime Video Alternatives


Amazon Prime Video is a massively used entertainment app. It was developed by Amazon Mobile LLC to help movie and series lovers to stream and download popular movies and tv shows. The app is an in-depth library of exclusive Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies alongside Amazon original shows.

The e-commerce giant is additionally producing 18 new Amazon original shows in India which is highest outside the US. Amazon has priced its Prime service at Rs. 999 per annum. The app has a plethora of content and the app regularly updates itself. If you would like to undertake before buying 1-year membership then, therein case, you’ll choose a 1-month free trial. Another advantage of Amazon Prime subscription includes Prime Videos, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Prime Delivery.


Best Amazon Prime Video Alternatives

Amazon Prime Video is out there for both Android and iOS platforms.

Apart from Amazon Prime video, there are various other alternatives available which you might like to try. Below listed are a few alternatives for Amazon Prime video.


HBO NOW is a widely used active and online platform. Here you can watch plenty of TV Serials, Movies, and Shows. With this app, you can stream TV shows & movies.

On this app, you will find the next content every week. You can also get old movies, Talk shows, comedy specials, news, documentaries, and many special events that everyone’s talking about.

This app requires a subscription to stream movies and TV shows online. There is a 1-month free trial period also available.

It has two different options to seek out your favorite content, like the search bar and explore categories that contain multiple options like Action, Horror, Funny, and Romantic, etc. If you would like to enjoy your favorite stuff on your mobile device, then HBO NOW app is specially made for you.

2. Flipps

Flipps is a place where you can enjoy watching movies, TV serials, YouTube, News, and far more. It is developed by Flipps Media Inc. and available on both iOS and Android devices. It contains quite 100 channels for unlimited entertainment beyond the quality TV guide.

Flipps contains a plethora of movies, music & news. You can put an invitation just in case of the unavailability of their desired content.

You will have to register yourself to get access to everything it’s providing without any restrictions. The app can be accessed anywhere, anytime around the world to stream movies and tv shows online. The app has an easy and user-friendly interface.

3. JustWatch

JustWatch is loved by its users because it the foremost addictive and elegantly designed platform. It is a one-stop destination for everybody who loves watching movies and other entertaining stuff.

You can watch the latest movies, the upcoming content, new release, and purchase tickets on this app.

To purchase a ticket, you would like to pick the film, select time, and grab your required number of tickets with simple clicks. The app has a plethora of movies, entertainment programs, TV shows, and news.

You will find that the app keeps on updating its content with the latest stuff to provides its users with the best services. To get access to the content, you will have to register yourself on the app.

4. Lifetime

Lifetime is the most loved entertainment app. The app contains all the stuff that you will love.

The app has a huge number of movies, dramas, TV series, events, and more. You will find multiple categories on the app like New Release, Episodes, TV Shows, and Upcoming.

You will find a search bar that permits the users to put the name of their stuff that users simply want to explore. Users can submit an invitation with the particular name of the films or anything that they simply want to watch but is not available.

You can customize your watch list, enjoy unlimited free movies, regular updates with new content, all the favored episodes, and full TV schedule for a lifetime.

5. ShowBox

ShowBox is an app where you can stream movies and tv shows online. It is the sole application on Android that permits users to stream movies in HD free of charge. The app contains multiple categories like a new release, upcoming, most view, top on the list, and far more.

You will find the content of multiple genres, like action, drama, romance, adventure, sci-fi, horror, funny and military-based, etc. ShowBox app isn’t available within the Google Play Store, therefore the user must sideload it the device. You will have to register yourself to get access to the content on the app.

The most prominent feature of the app is that you will find content available in additional than 200 languages. On the app you can comment, review, rate according to rating options, create a playlist, and far more. With the straightforward and user-friendly interface and fast streaming, the ShowBox app is one of the popular online streaming apps as compared to others.

6. Viki

Viki is a web entertainment app where you will find popular dramas, TV shows, movies, lifestyle, and fashion from Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and much of other countries. The app is also accessible to all users around the globe.

It is the app that contains stuff in additional than 200 different languages. There is also an elegant and secure chatting function. With the help of the chatting function, you can chat with other like-minded movie lovers to enjoy the entire streaming experience with more fun.

You can also check out ratings and reviews that assist you in what to stream or share your ideas with other fans.

You will also find a premium version that permits its users to enjoy more fun with HD content and no irritation from ads. Due to enough amount of stuff, it enables its users to make playlists with their desired content.

7. BIGSTAR Movies

BIGSTAR Movies is a free app where you can watch movies and television shows. Furthermore, you will find content in multiple genres, like Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, War-based, Funny and Fighting, etc.

The app provides its users with all the national and international movies and television shows. You can stream free Movies & TV Shows on this app. You will find new releases foreign movies, Indian movies, documentaries, and far more over here.

Moreover, you can explore categories or use the search bar to seek out movies. There is also a premium service that permits its users to access the whole BIGSTAR library, zero ads, and streams fully HD.

Also, you can put the request just in case of the unavailability of content that you simply want. After placing the request, the app will deliver your requested content in a few days.

8. Netflix

Netflix is a web entertainment platform that provides its users with the dramas, action movies, humor films, documentaries, TV series, and a considerable amount of varied other enjoyable stuff.

You will not find any advertisement issued in this app. The app comes in three payment options, which include basic, standard, and premium.

Netflix’s basic plan offers straightforward to print and quality. It is a standard and premium membership that gives the foremost excellent and premium quality print.

Furthermore, there isn’t any limitation when watching Television programs and films in whatever plan. The users are additionally authorized to finish their program and anytime gone to a different plan.

9. is an app that brings all the famous TV series so that users can enjoy whatever they wish to watch for.

The app delivers full-length movies and delight material of endless hours for the viewers. Users can access all its services from the website on their required laptops, computers, tablets, and video gaming consoles.

Users will have to subscribe to enjoy ultimate stuff with none frustrating things. The users can grab the recently released movies, traditional films, the foremost popular TV series, season, and episodes.

The app is not accessible in a few countries. If the app is available in your region, then you can certainly get benefits from unrestricted material.

10. VUDU

VUDU contains a superb collection of movies and television programs that are recognized as top and highest rated across the world. Also, VUDU is a web platform for top quality and top-rated stuff to possess fun whenever you would like.

If you would like to use the streaming service of VUDU, then you want to use a classy bandwidth internet connection. Moreover, VUDU deals with the renting and permanent purchase of DVDs and therefore the latest release movies, TV seasons, and dramas only.

Furthermore, you can precisely access the web-based streaming service of the VUDU app over your cell phones and tablets. Also, the app lets its users choose between its quality option in which one will like to stream videos.

11. Hulu

Hulu is dealing with the streaming of online movies. Moreover, Hulu consists of a plethora of most beautiful collection of thousands of blockbuster and highest rated award-winning films and television shows which can be accessed from all digital media devices and operating systems.

The app has an attractive interface. Furthermore, users can stream any movies including Anime, Hollywood, Bollywood, and much of others in multiple languages.

Hulu always provides users with fresh content. When it involves video and voice quality of stuff available. Also, Hulu is ideal. It provides the very best quality audio and video entertainment material to its viewers.

12. Crackle

Crackle is a web platform for web-based shows, movies, and television shows right over your cell phones and tablets.

Users can enjoy full-length movies and television shows with none further interruption and most of the things available here are free from cost. It is very convenient to use this platform to make the Crackle app best among all.

Users will find movies of various genres like action movies, sci-fi movies, comedy movies, crime movies, horror movies, TV shows, TV episodes, TV seasons, and far more. The app is a one-stop platform for those entertainment lovers who are trying to find the non-stop playing platform of the entertainment stuff.

It is a free content streaming service that delivers the simplest and top-rated quality entertainment stuff to its visitors.

13. ePix

ePix features many engaging options for all the films or series lovers. The app features a premium level of theatrically released motion movies and television series for users to possess quality time. It provides its users with special comedy movies, music, original documentaries, and far more.

The app contains the categories of action, adventure, biography, animation, concert, crime, documentary, drama, and crime, etc. These categories also contain subcategories within the sort of the latest, certified fresh, laugh aloud, staff picks, top-rated, action-packed, and more.

ePix is one of the leading platforms of premium movies and original series. It provides its users with the foremost innovative documentaries, on-demand videos, music events, top-rated comedy, and far more right over their cell phones. Users will have to subscribe to get access to the content of the app.

14. Flixster

Flixster app allows its users to find movies, browse the feedback, and watch television shows with no charges.

Apart from watching the trailers of the latest movies, it also provides information regarding the launch date. Flixster offers a web-based system for purchasing tickets to enjoy them whenever you would like.

Flixster is an on-demand movie provider platform that’s among the popular providers to urge the films on rent payments to acquiring them entirely.

15. SnagFilms

SnagFilms app allows its users to find the popular entertaining stuff right the palm of your hands.

This app is a gigantic platform of thousands of movies and television programs that are being shared by independent filmmakers. Also, this app enables all the filmmakers to share their desired content with others.

The app provides its users with many categories that include comedy, drama, kids & family, classics, science and environment, thrillers, award-winning, celebrity, romance, LGBT, original documentaries, cult classics, shorts, sci-fi movies, history and far more.

The app also keeps on updating its entertainment content daily for its users to supply everything under one platform.

16. Viewster

Viewster is an on-demand video entertainment portal that provides its users with free and full-length movies, original documentaries, horror movies, thrillers, and far more that’s available without any cost. There are various advertisements and commercials over this platform.

Viewster is that the global entertainment service provider that’s currently offering its entertainment service in almost 120 countries across the world.

It has an immense collection of movies during which most are from independent countries around the globe. Users will also find tons of TV shows and programs available at the Viewster to possess a fun time.

17. FrightPix

FrightPix is a web on-demand video platform. It provides movies with various genres like horror, sci-fi movies, funny, and many more. Fright Pix is a free platform of many free and full-length horror movies that users simply can stream from most those devices and operating systems that supports internet connection.

The app updates on a day to day basis and allows its users to get updated with all the fashionable stuff.

The app includes most of the favored genres for its global users to enjoy everything they’re trying to find. It contains a system for creating your customized watch list, and no subscription is required for using its service.

It is an outstanding platform for bringing great horror movies that entail no cost in the least. The app is a user-friendly destination for locating the popular horror collection.

18. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix app is a platform of free and full-length movies that make it easy for its viewers to explore easily for the fresh movies and obtain the prospect of watching the theatrically-released and independent movies.

The users can look for the new stuff during a big category of family and youngsters movies, drama-based movies and documentaries, horror, Spanish-language movies, and far more. The interface of its website is extremely user-friendly. Users can download movies and tv shows also.

19. Iflix

Iflix is an app that permits its global users to access their desired content with one single click. Users will find entertaining services like movies, TV shows, full seasons, and various other engaging programs of thousands of hours.

The app enables its viewers to enjoy the web and offline streaming services of Iflix from its official website, smartphone, PC/laptop, smart TV, and tablet.

Iflix is the provider of both online and offline entertainment material. It also supports the downloading of videos that will be watched whenever users would like. Users will need to pay subscription fees to get access to the content but there is a free trial for thirty days.

20. GoWatchIt

GoWatchIt is an app where users can look for movies and explore. The app deals with the sale and renting of DVD, Blu-ray, and HD CDs also.

The app also supports the downloading of movies and making the list of favorite movies also to stream them afterward.

By using the GoWatchIt, users can find those movies that are being played across all platforms. The app allows users to add their required movies to the queue to stream them later. Users also can rate and review films, add the films within the personal watched list, and luxuriate in far more without paying anything.


These were a few alternatives to Amazon Prime video. I hope you will love them the way you love Amazon Prime video.


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