15+ Best Sites Like 9Anime To Watch Anime Online In 2023


Anime, which was once restricted to the Japanese entertainment sector, is slowly but steadily spreading over the globe. Why shouldn’t people all throughout the world be obsessed with anime? Anime has given the audience something new and different.

The minute details, exaggerated emotions, and captivating storylines distinguish anime from all other forms of entertainment. Even better, anime is not just for children; it is for everyone.

Some anime is designed specifically for those over the age of 16, while others are made for adults only. The animations in anime do not have an age restriction.


Netflix and other subscription-based sites offer anime and other material. However, there are other websites where you may watch anime to your heart’s content without having to worry about your pocketbook.

You could wonder why and how. The truth is that numerous websites are solely dedicated to anime. Not only that, but the bulk of these websites are completely free to use.

9Anime is one such website. It is a free anime streaming platform available online. The site’s UI is simple, and users may find their favourite anime without too much difficulty.

However, there is one flaw: it is not a legal site, and as a result, it may have been blocked in many countries due to piracy laws. Despite this, several clone sites similar to 9Anime are still operational. You can utilise them, or there are other perfectly functional legal and illicit sites.

Alternatives to 9Anime to Watch Anime Online in High Definition with English Subtitles

For those struggling to find the perfect alternative to 9Anime and explore the never-ending world of anime, a list of 15+ options has been assembled.

1. Anime Kiss

KissAnime is the top pick of existing users when it comes to free anime streaming services. It has a big anime library. KissAnime has all of your favourite and most popular anime.

The videos are subtitled and match the graphics well. The videos can be viewed in high definition. History, adventure, comedy, and even demons are among the genres accessible on KissAnime.

However, copyright regulations forced the site’s closure recently. However, there are proxy websites for the same that constantly change their domain names to avoid legal difficulties.

2. Animefreak

The term “freak” refers to someone who is insane, which is exactly who Animefreak is for. This is for anime fans. You can watch as much anime as you want for free. The videos have been subtitled and dubbed extensively.

The subtitles match the visuals perfectly. Animefreak is a popular website all over the world. It caters to a wide range of anime fans. If you are busy, you may also establish a watchlist and store the finest for later.

3. AnimeGoGo

GoGoAnime, one of the most popular anime-watching websites, is another site that provides its services for free. It also boasts a large library of anime series and movies, and the layout is simple to navigate and understand on first glance.

4. Anime Door 

Anime Door is a portal that allows anime fans to access the world of anime without having to pay anything. Yes, this website is also free to use and completely functioning for everyone. To make it easy for users, the site is separated into many categories.

This website has everything from the most recent anime to the most popular anime to the oldest anime. All you have to do now is choose your favourite anime and begin streaming.

5. Anime Lab

AnimeLab contains a large library of both new and classic anime. It’s a well-known site that’s a decent substitute for 9Anime.

AnimeLab is not limited to laptops and mobile devices. It’s also compatible with Chromecast, Xbox, and PlayStation. One of the most appealing aspects of AnimeLab is that the most recent episodes of currently airing shows are available on the site one hour after they air in Japan.

Because the videos are dubbed in English, you can watch them in either Japanese or English. Subtitles that are well-synchronized are also available.

6. Anime Season

On the Animeseason website, you may enjoy the anime season all year. That is the size of its library. The best part is that you do not need to go to other websites to see the complete performance.

Animeseason has all of the seasons with all of the episodes. An alphabetical list of all the anime accessible on the site may be found here.

7. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is more than just a video streaming service. It provides you with a wealth of information about the anime’s characters and voice actors.

A distinct portion of the website is dedicated to anime-related blogs and articles. There’s also an online forum where you can talk about your favourite anime. Aside from that, it has an excellent selection of anime to watch.

8. Anime Kaizoku

Anime Kaizoku offers free anime downloads. A brief description of the anime you are about to download is also provided. On the homepage, there is also a search bar for your convenience. The videos are of decent quality and have subtitles.

9. Anime Chia

Chia Anime features a large selection of anime films and programmes. They are available in Japanese as well as English translations. You can search for anime by genre or use the search box to get what you’re looking for.

The website is completely functional and regularly updated with new information. This makes it an excellent substitute for 9Anime.


Crunchyroll is the most popular and popular anime website. This website is completely legal and runs without a hitch. It’s also free; you don’t even need to register to use it.

Subbed and dubbed videos are properly synchronised. The videos are in high definition and ultra high definition. It has a lot of other cool features, and you should check it out.

11. Masterani

Masterani is one of 9Anime’s greatest alternatives, with over 2500 new anime and all of them in HD. It also offers free online streaming. To view the videos, you do not need to sign up or register. New anime is added to the site on a regular basis. Trailers and news about forthcoming episodes and movies are also available.

12. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is actual heaven on earth. It features over 3500 titles and is updated on a regular basis. The site is completely free to use, and you can watch as many films as you want.

After an hour, the anime that airs in Japan becomes available on the site. So you won’t have to wait long. Because the streaming is smooth and uninterrupted, you can binge-watch everything you want.

The episodes and movies are dubbed as well as subtitled. As a result, if you choose, you can watch in English.

13. AnimeLand

On an exciting quest to discover new anime on AnimeLand. This site, as the name implies, features a wide range of anime. This website’s episodes and movies are also subtitled and dubbed.

You may also watch your favourite series and films in English. AnimeLand is also a free streaming website with high-definition content. AnimeLand is one of the most popular sites among those who have used it.

14. Viewster

Viewster not only broadcasts anime, but it also has other movies and episodes available. Despite not being a dedicated anime site, Viewster offers a decent anime library.

This site, like all others, is free to use and requires no sign-up or registration. All of the content is subtitled and dubbed in high definition. It’s a good substitute for 9Anime.

15. Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho does not directly stream content, however it does provide viewers with resources for downloading anime. You can use the filters or the search bar to find any anime, new or old. It’s a good place to get anime downloads. There’s also an online forum where you can talk about anime.

16. AnimeNova

Animenova, like the other websites mentioned above, offers free online streaming. You can watch as much anime as you like without needing to register.

There is an anime list that will make searching anime easier for you. The videos are of excellent quality. They’re both subtitled and dubbed, and they’re in perfect timing. It’s also a nice substitute for 9Anime.

17. AnimePlanet

Another site with a name that speaks for itself is Anime Plant. This website has a large selection of anime. This website has everything you could ever want.

The videos are subbed and subbed here as well, and are available in high resolution. A new feature on this website is that, in addition to anime, you can search for and view manga online.

18. Anime on the Internet

The last and final option on this list is to watch anime online. It’s also a no-cost online streaming service. You can watch as much anime as you like for free and without interruptions.

From the most recent to the oldest anime, the site contains a wide library. You may also look up all of the genres and search by them. To navigate the site, you can use the filters, anime list, or search box. It offers well-synchronized videos that are all available in HD. This site, too, does not require registration.


The above-mentioned websites’ names speak for themselves. The majority of the sites are currently operational. Some of them may have been closed owing to anti-piracy legislation. However, proxy or mirror sites are also available. You have access to them. However, for further security, we recommend utilising a VPN before visiting these sites.

To summarise, you can watch as much anime as you want without spending any money. However, as is ours, safety should be your top priority.


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